While none of us can hope to please everybody, we writers like to find out whether our stories are pleasing the majority - and that's where reviews come in. I'm grateful for all reviews, those from my readers as much as those by professional reviewers. Whether they absolutely love a book, or just want to make helpful comments, it's all good feedback.


But here, as you'd expect, I'm showcasing just a few of the best ones from my most recent novels.


                                                                          WINTER AT CLIFF'S END COTTAGE

Amazon/ Good Reads/ Net Galley reviews:

5 stars:  This is the most adorable book I’ve read. EVER! . . . There is so much life in this story. It’s bursting with joy, laughter, sadness, hard times, love, secrets, heartaches absolutely everything. It’s moving, touching and a perfect read all year round, but especially at Christmas.


5 stars: A warm hug of a book for all those that need it. 


5 stars:  A delightful story to warm you on a winters evening. Magical. 


'Devon Life' magazine:  ' . . . a perfect summer read . . . a warm, cosy glow runs through the pages.'

Amazon reviews:

5 stars:  'Very well-written, extremely moving story . . .  a good deal of happiness, humour and love.'

5 stars:  'A welcome escape to a peaceful Devonshire village . . . A heart-warming holiday/weekend read!'

5 stars: One of the best books I have had in a while

I loved this book, it was quite a surprise, the romance came at a much later stage in the book as in her life.
The author took you to the depths of grief in the death of a villager and you journeyed with the village through their healing process. I have to admit, there were a few tears shed with this book as well as out loud laughter.
Thank you to the author for showing love is only for the young

Goodreads review:

5 stars:  A charming and warm-hearted story set in South Devon. . . . A pleasant, light read.




Amazon reviews:

5 stars: 'I was drawn so deeply into this skilfully written story that I couldn’t bear to put the book down.'

5 stars: 'I liked the fact that it switched between the past and the present, giving the whole story a fresh, vibrant feel, capturing the excitement of being young and the insight that comes with maturity.'


 ‘A thoroughly enjoyable, gentle snapshot of the lives of four generations, friends and lovers, with lots of adorably loyal pets.’ – ‘Devon Life’ magazine.

Amazon reviews:

5 stars:  'This book has all the delightful elements we've come to expect from one of Sheila Norton's books, likeable but flawed characters, a cosy but real-life setting that you can easily imagine yourself living in, plenty of adorable pets who play their part in the plot, a real community feel that draws everyone together, and lots of twists and turns that take you on a very enjoyable journey!'

5 stars:  'This is a lovely heart-warming story with a particularly captivating ending. Sheila Norton is one of my favourite authors and I love the way she plots her books, with strong characters, great dialogue, and lots of surprises. I found this novel really moving and emotional, and the animals who play a vital role in the plot are absolutely delightful. It’s a most enjoyable read.'