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Welcome to the website of Sheila Norton, award-winning multi-published author.

I hope you will find all you need to know here about my books and about me. If you'd like to ask me anything that isn't covered here, please message me through the Contact page. Thank you for visiting!

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My latest book, with my new publisher, the award-winning Boldwood Books, was published on

13 March 2024.  It's an emotionally-charged family-based story about the difficulties that can come with parenthood. 

Helen, my neighbour, has been so good to me. And more importantly, she’s so good with the children.  So surely, when Mia tells me stories about the things she's doing to upset her, they're just that: stories, like all the other stories she loves to tell about witches and princesses? Because if not, maybe my dad was right all along: I was never good enough to be a mother, and I’ve let my precious children down in the worst way possible.


This book was published on 5 October 2023, exclusively on Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback editions and also now in audio, (available from Audible via Amazon).

Julia and Lauren are sisters, but they've never got along well. When they're thrown together for a week in the wilds of Dartmoor in the middle of winter, they suddenly find themselves confronting their past. Can they survive a whole week together? Who is the 'Wise Woman of Deepcombe' and can she finally bring the sisters back together? 

One Week in Winter with text PAPERBACK 2.jpg

THE SECRET OF ANGEL COVE, was published on 8 December 2022 by Piatkus Books.  

 'Winter at Cliff's End Cottage': Category WINNER in the RoNA 2022 awards!


'Winter at Cliff's End Cottage', published on 9 December 2021 by Piatkus, was voted the winner of the 'Christmas and Winter Season Novel' category of the Romantic Novelists Association awards 2022.


It's about the growing friendship between a feisty old woman living on the edge of a Devon cliff, and a lonely young journalist who wants her story. 


Joy and Sara are neighbours living in the only two houses at beautiful Angel Cove.  Despite being at different stages in their lives, both are at turning points, and both need a friend to confide in.  They also share a curiosity about the origins of the name of their cove. Who or what was the Angel of the Cove? Joy sets out to try to uncover the secret - with unexpected results.



Angel Cove finished cover.webp

Previous Books

All of my previous works are listed on the 'My Books' page, and include several more feel-good stories set in Devon, two 'cat' stories, eleven contemporary romantic comedies, three novels set mainly in the 1960s, one novel with grandparents as the protagonists, and two collections of short stories. 

Some of my books have been translated into various languages including Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Czech and Slovakian.

My most recent novels have also been produced as audiobooks.

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