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Published on 7 August 2020, available only on Amazon,

WHAT I DIDN'T TELL YOU is a story about teenage friendship and betrayal during the 1960s, and was originally written to follow my other two 1960s stories, Yesterday and A Ticket To Ride.

When Judith hears that an ageing British rock star has been charged with retrospective abuse crimes dating back to the 1960s, his name doesn't just ring bells - it brings back floods of memories. She knew Ricky Gold, when she was a teenager growing up in Southend, before she emigrated with her family to New Zealand. And she wonders if she, or Trish, her best friend from back then, might be able to get to the truth of the matter. Why does Judith care enough about it to make the long journey back to England, on a complex quest for answers? And what other memories will her trip stir up - quite apart from stirring up an unresolved relationship with her first boyfriend, Eddie, with whom she parted back in 1965? Was Ricky Gold really guilty? Is someone holding back the truth? Or perhaps it's just the problem of trying to look back fifty years into the past.

THE LONELY HEARTS DOG WALKERS, was published in February 2020 by Ebury Press and Ebury Digital (Penguin Random House). A heart-warming tale of love, family and four-legged friends!

Nicky moves back home to the Devon village of Furzewell when her marriage fails, but her fresh start isn't as easy as she'd hoped. She joins a local dog-walking group to find friendship and support, but when their park is threatened by developers, the friends are determined to fight for it.

Can Nicky help to save the park for her community, and find her Happy Furever After?

All my previous works are listed on the 'My Books' page, and include two 'cat' stories, eleven contemporary romantic comedies, two novels set mainly in the 1960s, one novel with grandparents as the protagonists, and two collections of short stories. 

Some of my books have been translated into various languages including Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Czech and Slovakian.

'The Vets at Hope Green', 'The Pets at Primrose Cottage' and 'The Pet Shop At Pennycombe Bay' have also been produced as audiobooks for public libraries.