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Monty's diary August 2021 : Vet visits, and new places to sleep.

Hello, all my human friends. I hope your tails and whiskers have all been nice and spruce since I last meowed on this blog, and that you haven’t choked on any furballs recently. I’d like to say my life has been progressing calmly as normal here in our furever home, but sadly there have been one or two dramas taking place, which have badly interrupted my sleep.

It's a terrible thing to have your sleep interrupted.

Like most cats, Maddie and I hate being taken to the vets. In fact we hate it so much, I struggle to even mention it, but as I’d like a bit of sympathy, I’m going to tell you my sad story. It started with what Mum calls our Healthy Pets Check-up. I have to say this sounds like nonsense to me. If we’re healthy pets, why do we need a check-up? But humans have strange ideas, as we all know. When we see the travelling cages being brought in, Maddie and I both try to hide, but it’s no good, we get caught anyway and put into them and carried into the car.

If there’s one thing we hate as much as the vets, it’s being put in the car. It’s like being eaten by a big roaring monster and carried along in its insides, while we’re stuck in our cages and can’t even get out. How would you like it? No wonder we cry so loudly. And to make things worse, for some reason Mum and Dad weren’t even allowed to come into the vets’ place with us! Something to do with a thing called Covid which everyone seems to keep talking about. Instead, the vet nurse had to take us in and Mum and Dad had to wait in the car

Just leave me alone to do what I do best - sleep!!

Maddie always complains even louder than I do about these things, but to be honest I don’t know what she was so upset about. It’s me who apparently has what they call a heart murmur, and who had to keep having a cold thing put on my chest and all these humans talking about me and fussing over me. To be honest, if they just left me alone and didn’t take me to the vets I’m sure my heart would be fine, it’s all this fussing that gets me in a state.

Well anyway, because they fussed so much over me, and said something was worrying them, Mum and Dad ended up having to take me back to the vets again a couple of days later for even more prodding and fussing.

I was most put-out about this, I can tell you, because Maddie was allowed to stay at home on her own, and showed off about it when I got back. I was so upset, I had to go into my hiding place under the sofa and have a good long sleep to get over it.

Maddie couldn't believe her luck, staying at home!

But to make matters worse, after all this fuss had died down, and I’d managed to almost forget about it, one day I had what the humans describe as 'a funny turn'. I really did feel very poorly. I cried out loudly for Mum and Dad to help me, and I could tell they were really worried because I for a minute or two I couldn’t even stand up. Fortunately by the time they’d mentioned the

V-E-T, I was feeling better and managed to walk off for a soothing sleep under the sofa. But they weren’t satisfied until they’d taken me back to the you-know-what for yet another check-up. I suppose they meant well, but honestly, I did try to tell them I was going to be all right. And this time, I not only got prodded and poked, I got the fur shaved off one of my paws and had a needle stuck in me. How was that supposed to make me feel better?

I'm resisting jumping on Maddie even when it's tempting, like this!

Well, I think I’m all right now. I don’t want to go through all that again, thank you, so I’ve been taking life very slowly and carefully and not getting overexcited. I’m not even chasing Maddie or jumping on her, or trying to catch any prey at the


I don’t know whether it was because they felt sorry for me, but after all this happened, Mum and Dad decided that while the human kittens were visiting – the ones they call their grandchildren – Maddie and I were allowed to go into the bedroom where they keep their toys and have their sleeps. This was a big surprise because normally we’re not really allowed in either of the bedrooms; we just have to try and sneak in when nobody’s looking. But the human kittens like playing with us and we like playing with them.

We like the human kittens and they like us.

And we also like lying on their beds, which are funny beds, one on top of the other. Obviously I like lying on the top one best, but it’s a long way to jump up onto it and I do have to be careful not to overstrain myself these days so I decided to snuggle down under the bottom one.

Very cosy!

In fact, I discovered the best place to sleep was in something very cosy which they keep underneath the bottom bed because they say it doesn’t fit in any of the cupboards.

I got a nice stroke from one of the human kittens too.

They call it a car seat and apparently it’s meant for the smallest human kitten to sit in. But I found I fitted into it perfectly and it was very comfy! I wish they'd let me sit in this seat when I get taken to the vet's, instead of my travelling cage. I wonder if I can persuade them next time?

Well, luckily I seem to be back to my normal state of health. Mum says she thinks I’m lying around indoors more than I normally do, but I think, after what I’ve been through recently, I do need to have more naps, and nice soft places to lie down in. What else is a cat supposed to do when his food bowl’s empty? It’s a hard life being a cat, you know. I’m not like Maddie – always off prowling around other cats’ territories, meeting the neighbours’ cats and sleeping in their flowerbeds. That all takes far too much effort, if you ask me.

I'm good at finding soft places to lie down.

Anyway, I need to investigate the state of my food bowl now and stop Maddie eating what’s left, so I’ll say goodbye and I’ll be back with more meows another time. Bye, humans!

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